Magic Mike..genre please?? πŸ˜‚

Sundays at the ranch are my day, my day to suck in the zen, clear my mind for the week, and just breathe. The Stauff gets this..he does a lot to make sure I get today he says “why don’t you go get a long shower. I will get dishes βœ… done and everything ready to go”. I give him the old thumbs up πŸ‘ and head to the shower. A long hot shower..thoroughly enjoying the rare moment with no kids and no dog..although the dog was sitting by the shower πŸšͺ door.. I get done and taking a few deep breathes when I hear Wyatt say “you will have to ask mom when she gets out of the shower”. Now.. when The Stauff is around, there is really no reason to ask me, they just ask The interest was indeed peaked.. I walked into the living room and said, “I heard my name?”.  Wyatt says, “well, Jay was asking what the movie magic mike was about. She thought it was a horror movie”. I stopped and looked at the surroundings..jay was sitting on the couch thirty shades of red, The Stauff doing his dishes, and Wyatt with a raised eyebrow waiting for my answer. I say “um..well I guess it depends on who you ask if it was a horror movie”. I winked at Wyatt. He said “well, Dad didn’t know, so I told Jay to Google it..boy did she turn red when she read what is was about”. The Stauff still doing dishes..I said, “well it is about a bunch of male strippers”. The Stauff quit doing dishes and just stood there.. “what is it about?” He said still facing the sink.. I laughed..”a bunch of male strippers”.. Wyatt said, “yea I knew you had probably watched it, so I told Jay to ask you about it”. I looked at him mouth hanging open..”come again?? I have never watched it”. “Oh” he said “it is a kinda older movie so I just assumed you did”. The Stauff goes back to washing his dishes..I am sure a grin from ear to πŸ‘‚ ear. I looked at Jay and said, “well, now that you know what magic mike is all about, do you need help brushing your hair?”. She nodded and walked into the bathroom with me.. I am brushing her hair and she says, “I still think there is a horror movie that has a Mike in the title, it just seems like it was magic Mike”. Still pondering it she

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