IMG_0213.JPGLife in the middle of nowhere.. 60 miles.. 70 miles.. really after an hour drive does miles really matter?? The first 15 mins of the drive are spent checking out of phones and forgetting ‘city’ life. The rest of the drive focuses in on the mending of the soul, figuring out ‘things’ then once you hit the autogate that rumbles through your bones.. a relief floods across you.. Ahh HOME!! My eyes close every time I cross into home. There is nothing like it.. unless it is sitting in the mountains..that is a close second. Life happens in the middle of nowhere..a lot happens.. honestly some times it is jaw dropping the things that happen at the ponderosa..or just to the Stauff family in general.. in town at the playhouse or at the ponderosa craziness is always near and dear. This will be a place to put our craziness to ‘ink’.

This blog will contain a little of everything that I, my crazy pets, the ranch, favorite quotes, favorite music, a few cuss words, and anything that enters my life in a “WTH?”. ¬†One thing that it will not house is is too short for such nonsense. Life was meant to smile and giggle thing I hope to start soon is a line of clothing called “FIA, with a smile”.. you will learn all about FIA within my writing.. Settle back, take a breathe, grab a good drink and enjoy, and yes, it is all real.