Just another day

A meme..but true story

My world is memes.. I love them.. probably because they reflect my smart ass mouth and mind set..but alas. They cheer me up and cheer others up and if they bring a smile, chuckle, or a drink blown across a laptop reading it, ‘it’s worth it’. Life is to short to be pissed all the time.. people always ask me, “where do you find these?”.. I laugh and say, “I think they find me.. usually what is going on in my life fills my feed with thee best ‘advice’ one could ask”. Honestly that is a true story.. but, one came across my page the other day that made me chuckle as it really happened.. some commented on it with laughs and likes, but the real story behind it is a good one and that meme brought it all back. I figure it should be written down, so the kids remember who they are dealing with..The Stauff and I started dating in January 1997. He was a good guy..went to church every week. Me.. I spent those nights dancing and drinking maybe a little too much when I wasn’t working.. Sundays found me sleeping till noon when I wasn’t working.. Sunday AM found The Stauff in church..polar opposites..when we started dating this new world intrigued me and when he asked if I wanted to tag along with him to ⛪ church one Saturday night I was like oh yes, I would love to.. At work we all talked about who was doing what for the weekend.. I say, “well The Stauff and I are going to Saturday night church”. All went quite and heads turned my way. “You are going to church?” They all gazed at me.. I rolled my eyes at them them..”come on now”, I said, “I have gone to church when I was a kid every once in a while and a few times in college.” They all laughed at me. I laughed at them, “well..what is the worst thing that could happen?”.. I got grief the rest of the day with everyone dreaming up things that would happen..I waved them off laughing.. I got off work and headed home to get ready for my date with The Stauff. Just so happened it was the beginning of Lent..and The Stauff was a pretty serious Catholic..like I knew what any of this meant..he picked me up and away we went to church. As we were driving The Stauff made mention how weird the clouds were. He said, “it is so weird, it almost acts like a summer storm rolling in”. A part of me stopped and pondered that storm word, but I shook it off and kept on chatting about my day..when we pulled into the parking lot, the clouds had become very dark and lightning glows were poking through the clouds..I started to get a real uneasy feeling.. The Stauff said, “I can’t believe this, we never get weather like this this early in the year”. I let out a nervous giggle as I took a gander out the window.. lightning was getting close and was starting to stab down to the ground, thunder erupting through the parking lot..The Stauff says, “we should make a run for it before this storm hits, looks like a lot of rain coming”. I ran my fingers through my hair, wiped the sweat beads that were forming under my hair line. “Frick” I thought, “this shit isn’t happening..this is just a freak coincidence”. I kept repeating that mantra as I stepped out of the pickup and ran to the church. As I was running little bits of hail started to fall on us. I picked up my pace.. lightning was stabbing which seemed right next to us..I am in a full sprint now..The Stauff threw the door open, bailed inside and slammed the door.. bigger hail stones beating the hell out of the church… My eyeballs were about to fall out of my head..my heart was beating a hundred miles an hour.. all I could think about was, “what have I done? Dude? Seriously what have I done that was so bad”. We find a seat and sit down.. The heavens dumped a heavy rain on the church..lightning still striking all around. The electricity flickering..The Stauff keeps saying, “this is just crazy, I have never seen anything like this”. If someone would had said 👻 boo I probably would have pulled a Forest Gump and ran my ass all the way back to Wyoming.. I was spooked.. I was scared to think what was coming.. the storm finally subsided and the service started. I calmed down a little, thinking that God was 1) playing with me and laughing along or 2) teaching me a lesson..I just wasn’t sure which one it was. Pretty soon we are in the service and the Father walks down the aisle shaking holy water out to the members. I glance up to see what is all going on and I get a face full..it felt like it was burning.. I asked The Stauff, “what the hell is this? This shit feels like it is burning my face. Why is that?”. The Stauff just smiled and said “I wonder”.. I wiped it all off my face and pondered what he said through the rest of the service.. we left the church and he grabbed my hand as we walked out.. I thought “whew, maybe lightning won’t strike me being connected to The Stauff”.. we crawled in the pickup and The Stauff said, “still can’t get over that storm, hard to believe there is no damage to my pickup.”. I just laughed as we pulled out of the parking lot and said, “baby, I don’t t think it was your pickup the storm was chasing”.. I did end up changing a few of my crazy ways..just in case..🤪🌪⛈💧💨🌈⛪️


Is it a Lego or something more??

Throwback to when the kids were wee little ones.. I think Magee was 6 and Pinker was about 4…bath tub time.. Magee goes first.. the LEGO loving little boy asks if he could take in some Legos to play with while he soaked the crud and day away. Surely I said.. nothing new. I pulled Legos from the washer, dryer, tub, pockets, vents, cushions..you get the picture..Magee jumps out of the tub after his skin had wrinkled up all ‘raisinish’. Pinker is next, she jumps in the same tub water Magee had used. She grabs her toys and starts playing. Humming, splashing and thoroughly enjoying her bath time. Magee comes strutting out into the living room with his jammies on smelling like bubble bath. He says “oh Mom, I forgot my legos in the tub. Can I go get them”. I said “well sure, go get them”. I was busy writing when he came out. I saw him out of the corner of my eye. Not looking up, I say “did you get them bud?”. No words… I looked up and he is standing beside me white as a ghost…I raised my eyebrows at him.. “what? What is wrong?”. He looks at me not blinking. “I went to get my legos from the tub. I reached down in the tub and picked them up….AND I squeezed it between my fingers… it was poop… she pooped in the tub.. and I squeezed it between my fingers”. I honestly didn’t know what to say.. the kid was seriously traumatized.. Pinker hollers from the tub, “Magee it isn’t that big of a deal. I thought I had to fart and a couple turds came out. It isn’t a big deal. I scooped them up and threw them in the toilet, I just forgot the little ones, jeez”. I still didn’t know what to say.. Magee just stood there and looked at me.. with a blank look on his face pointing to the bathroom. I bit my lip hard cause I was afraid I was going to start laughing. I got up and went to inspect the crime scene. I walked in and Pinker is sitting there in the tub happy as a lark giving me a “are you shitting me look” while shaking her head at Magee…Magee is standing behind me poking his head around my legs, “SEE!!” He hollered, “poop crumbs in there, some floating and some sunk”.. I put my hand over my mouth. Pinker says, “oh my God Magee, it is not that big of a deal. I threw them in the toilet”. I finally grasped for some words. “Well..let’s drain the water and try this again”. Pinker glares me down, “whatever”.. Magee says “well I am taking another bath too and you are going to scrub that tub first”. So I pull Pinker out and get her dried off to start round two of the baths. Magee stands beside me scrutinizing every poop crumb making sure all is well. Clorox comes into play and then he finally approves the new clean tub.. poor guy.. I almost told him about the time he dug into his diaper and finger painted the wall in his room, but I thought he might faint on me.. 🤪😂

When the blonde roots show at 3:34 A.M..

I heard Sydney get up this AM and do her usual knock on the front door to be let out. I tried to pretend I didn’t hear. She did her knock again..blah.. I cracked an eye lid open to look at the clock..3:34 AM.. frickin 🐶 dog.. bladder the size of a pea. I crawl out of bed and drag my still half sleeping body to the door. She is sitting at the door crossed legged, like come on woman move it.. I open the door and a rush of cold air hits me.. I cuss a little on how I despise winter. I lean down to grab her chain. My half opened eyes focused on an object on the the step. My body froze. My brain freaked out sending an alarm through body. “Bug.. big frickin bug..stop bending over retreat.BUG.. BIG f’in 🐛 bug”. I stopped, the dog ran into my legs and I let out a little “ahh”..Common sense tried to ration with my brain, “too cold out for bugs especially for that big”. My brain was having nothing to do with common sense. I opened my eyes a little bigger, and cleaned the sleep out.. the dog still trying to get past me. Finally my focus became clear. I little piece of my pine wreath had come off in the wind and was laying there perfectly on the step, impersonating….a bug..I grabbed the chain that laid beside it and Sydney bounced outside to finally go..I shut the door 🚪 and tried to get my heart calmed down.. now fully awake, I let her back in and crawled back to bed..I laid there thinking of my latest ordeal and busted up laughing.. I am glad it wasn’t during the day..😂

Wil E Coyote..

Craziness at the homestead.. getting lunch today, I tell Magee to go get The Stauff for lunch from the wood shop. He jumps into the pickup and heads out.. I am finishing up getting everything ready when Pinker hollers, “COYOTE, get the gun Mom”. I spun around to gander out the window..sure enough.. a coyote standing across the creek.. broadside.. my heart raced..gun gun gun.. shit..the boys have the guns with them. I tell her “text your brother to get back now”. And of all the times he doesn’t check his damn phone..this is one..we watch the coyote sniff around and wonder around.. still broad side.. I am dying..we look out the other window..finally here they come put zing home. They pull up in front of the house and Pinker and I are standing in the doorway creating hand signals to let them know a coyote is near.. they cocked their head a few times at us.. I mumble..🤬 as they sat there staring at us.. 🤪 they finally opened a door and I said a little louder, “there is a coyote over by the creek”.. and I 🤫quietly shut the door and smiled at them. They looked at each other with a raised eyebrow.. Pinker says, “I don’t think they believe us”. I shooed my hand to them and they grabbed their guns and turned around. The coyote popped up into a little knoll. They both hit the ground and attack Mode was set into place. Magee got to the garbage cans and laid his sites on him. Pinker and I were in the kitchen watching it all go down.. all of a sudden something black darts towards the coyote. Pinker says, “yo, is that another coyote?”.. I studied the new object that entered into the picture. “Holy shit! That is a badger running after it”. The coyote is looking back at the badger and “boom”. Magee fires off the lethal shot.. the coyote falls over the hill..the badger looks around, turns and runs his ass off back to his hole. I can only imagine what was going through his mind and I died laughing. When The Stauff got in he looked at me and laughed, “I couldn’t imagine what in the hell you were doing”.. ahh life on the ranch.. never a dull momento.🤪😜🤪😂

A Weim way of life

My Weim is a baby.. I admit it.. I created the mess I have.. The Stauff always reminds me..YOU were the one that brought her home. I never had been around a Weim but had seen all the pics of them and the stories of how smart they were.. winning combination..right? The Stauff met a guy that had a Weim about the same age as ours.. He came home and told me, “this guy at the garage had a Weim just like ours, but it just sat there. He was 🤫 quiet..it didn’t run and spaz like this one does”. I said “oh yea?”.. he said “I asked the guy, we have one to, but it isn’t near as calm as this one”. The guy told The Stauff, “well the closer to the home land they are the calmer they are, he was flown in from 🇩🇪 Germany”. The Stauff looked at me and said, “this is what happens when you find one from the suburbs of Omaha”. We laughed about our floppy eared crazy. She sleeps with me when The Stauff is gone. again, I take full blame..when I got back from the trek back I tossed her in bed with me and the rest is history.. she gets up about 2 times a night to go outside to potty. Lately it has been 4 – 5 times a night. I am the only one in the family that she can wake up. Everyone else snores through the flopping of the ears, the licking of her chops right by my 👂 ear and the finale of the panting. So I get up, let her out, get a drink of water and go to the bathroom while waiting on the lady. She doesn’t like the cold and despises the wind. Since it was both last night I figured it was a quick out and in. I was wrong.. after about 10 mins of waiting I flopped onto the couch to finish waiting after the third time of letting her out.. I heard her famous knock on the door.. I just sat there.. then she knocked a little harder.. I sat there..again another harder knock..I sat there smiling..pretty soon she jumps up on the door looking in the window as if she was saying, “HEY, WTF let me in Momma”. All I could see in the shadow of the window in the door was perked up ears swinging back and forth looking to the right and then the left. I died laughing.. the crazy Weim. She jumped up on the couch and let out a big sign, not looking at me.. I went back to bed to get a few hours until the next potty call. The next call was indeed out and in.. no lingering this time.. when The Stauff’s ⏰ alarm clock went off at 5:15, Sydney met him at the doorway, a changing of the guards. She jumped up into bed and flopped onto the bed getting as close as she could to me and laid her head on my chest.. that is what I love about her..she forgives quick..now the kids, if I did that to them, they probably wouldn’t have talked to me till later in the morning.. lol..😏

Elmo meets his demise..

I thought my first born was the naughtiest little guy I had ever seen…then I had my daughter and God winked and said “haha..gotcha there didn’t I ?”..Magee’s terrible twos lasted a whole of 3 days..his sister is going on 15 and I fear she is still going through them. His first day his Elmo met his demise.. I started the day like every other day feeding kids, laundry and picking up the house..about 10:00 AM I grabbed Pinker and threw her in her high chair for a snack. She had shoulder length beautiful bouncy curls and she was about 2 years old.. she had a white furry sweatshirt on. I noticed she had some hair on her sweatshirt, but chalked it up that she was loving on her kitty..I snapped the high chair in place and ran my fingers through her curls as I had always done. But this time a handful of curls came off in my 🤚 hand.. I stopped and looked at her head. I ran my fingers through her hair…FRANTIC..All the hair in her back came off in my hands..butched to her scalp..I shrieked. “What in the SAM hell happened?”.. I thought I was going to cry..Magee comes strolling by to see what the commotion was about. He smiled at Pinker, “oh don’t she look cute?”..I stared at him and said, “her curls, they are all gone!”.. he said, “yea, I know, I cut it off”. I blinked a few “WTF” thoughts. I stammered, “YOU did this? YOU cut her hair?”…he was still pretty damn proud of his work…until he looked up at me and saw my face.. “don’t you like it Mom?”, he whimpered.. Tears formed in my eyes, she looked like a boy..in a cute fluffy white sweatshirt.. every curl gone.. he got a kick in the pants and was sent to his room…I took Pinker out and cleaned her up and finished the hack job her brother had started.. Magee hung out in his room for awhile until I started to feel guilty.. I went in and talked to him about what he had done. We both agreed probably not the best choice he could have done.away he went to play..I went back to my laundry..I went into my room to put some clothes away. My cat caught my eye as she was under my table, her tail flicking like a mad woman.. I put the clothes away and went to check her out.. as I bent down I noticed a pissy look on her face. I pet her and she got up..when she got up I figured out her pissed offness..the hair on the whole side of her ass was cut off short. So she had one side long and another super short. I knew where this came from.. “Magee”, I hollered..he came into my room, I looked at him, “did you do this?”. He looked down, “yes”. Another kick in the pants and sent to his room. I calmed my cat down and talked her off the ledge..after awhile I started to feel bad again. I went into his room.. I had him crawl up on the lap and I had a visit with him. I was patting him on the leg explaining life when I noticed a hole in his jeans.. I stopped short..”What the hell happened to your jeans?”. He hung his head.. I took a deep breathe, “oh you did not.. you did not cut a hole in your pants!”.. he just hung his head..another kick in the pants and a stay in your room..I was ready to have a meltdown, throw in my momma card..stick a fork in me.. I was done..I went outside to clear my head and cool off. Again guilt fed into my veins and I went into his room to visit with him. We went over good choices and bad..blah blah..he had curled up on my lap and was snuggled up with me..I grabbed my momma card back fiercely..I had won..until..I looked down at the floor and there was Elmo..laying on his back..hands spread.. with a hole cut in his belly…. “Magee” I whispered in my calmest voice I could muster.. “did you cut a hole in Elmo’s belly?”.. He said, “yeah”..I took a very long breathe and exhaled slowly.. “alrighty then, is that it? Is there anything else you cut?”.. he thought for a minute and I cringed.. “nope”, he said, “that is all”.. 😌 relieved I said, “well then let’s go grab Pinker and go play outside shall we?”.. and away we went..later that night I told The Stauff of my showdown.. He said, “well I guess if it were me I would have taken the ✂️ scissors away the first time”.. I rolled my neck, cleared my throat and said, “yep, you are right, he walked around the house all day with those sum bitches just showing them off and yea, probably should have taken then away huh.. thinking about I should have..IF I KNEW WHERE THE SUM BITCHES WERE”… and the day ended..only to begin day two of his terrible two’s…and Pinker’s beautiful long curls..never came back..her hair has been stick straight ever since..

Apple Pie Please,,.

Last night Pinker got a wild hair and decided to build an apple pie for us at the house and a peach pie for the office..she gets it all done and I tell her I will take the peach to work and hide the other from Sydney. Hustling and bustling this am I grab the peach pie and hide the untouched apple in the microwave.. the safe spot. I run home over lunch and fling the door open. Sydney laying on the couch looks up at me with that Weim smile and glances to the kitchen and back to me, then back to the kitchen.. my smile turned upside down..in some demon voice I said..”you son of a bitch”..the microwave door wide open..our untouched apple pie on the floor half eaten.. Sydney now has a scared shitless look on her face. An empty sack of candies also laying next to the scene of the crime..I flip out and run after her saying, “you do this, eh? You do this? You are naughty.. so naughty”….she tucks her ass between her legs and hops around the house..so I scooped up the apple pie and dump it into the garbage..she sat there watching me droopy eared..I looked at her, “you think I am pissed? Wait till Magee gets home”..so when I get home from work, I asked Magee if he knew where the apple pie was.. he said no..so I told him the story..he gave her a look of disgust..and a cold shoulder the rest of the night..but on the plus side Magee told Pinker he prefers a cherry pie this time.. and so goes the age old question..now where do hide the ‘goods’.. maybe the oven..she is such an ass..lol.. 😫😳😂🙄

Skippety do da..skippety day..my oh my..they came from where?

Skippy has seriously knocked this out of the park.. they are awesome!! I show them to my kids.. “try them, they are awesome”.. they look at me with cocked eyebrow..they say, ‘I am good”.. I keep on them..”you should really try them, so addicting”.. they finally try them.. “yea, pretty good”, they say. I looked at them dead in the eye.. “how ya suppose they make them?” They both shrug and echo, “I don’t know”. I said, “I do, it says right here on the side of the container”. They look at me, “really?”.. I put one in between my hands and roll it around, smoothing it down. Someone in some foreign country takes it and rolls it between their hands till it forms a ball”. Mouths dropped.. tears were forming in my eyes holding in the laughter while watching blood drain from Pinks face.. I popped another in my mouth. “Damn they are good tho.” Pink managed to mumble, “oh my God that is so disgusting”.. Magee finally tells her..”Pink Mom is just joking, that isn’t how they are made”. Oh if I could have only videoed that.. 😂🤣😂

One day to get away..

So the kids and I had one day to play this Labor Day Weekend.. Magee needed new Football gloves and I needed locker decoration stuff and Pink just wanted to go with us. Since the Mustang Rally was going on in Sturgis we started there, found the Mustang I have, only restored and I drooled, Magee dreamed and Pink was just sweating from the heat. So off to Rapid..We hit all the usuals.. Scheels to get Magee’s gloves and then to the mall. I ran to the bathroom while the kids got a drink. I was in the stall and I hear a little boy come thundering into the bathroom. “Mama.. Mama.. where are you? What stall are you in?” The Mom in the stall next to me says..”Raphael I am here, does it matter which stall?”. Little guy says “Mama I need you, are you in this one? nope, are you in this one? nope”. I am awaiting a little head to poke under my door at any moment..Mom says..”Raphael, what do you want, Momma is going to the bathroom. Oh wait.. Raphael do you need to come into the bathroom? Do you need to go to the bathroom?”.. silence.. Mom says, “Raphael! Are you there?”.. Silence.. Mom says, “Oh Raphael..you ass”… I hear hustling now in the stall next to me. I am dying laughing on the inside. I go to wash my hands and here comes Raphael bustin back into the bathroom. “Momma did you go to time out in the bathroom?” She says well do you think I need a time out?” He says, “Yes, Momma, you need a time out”.. Out of the mouths of babes.. hahah.. We finally land at Walmart.. So you can imagine the story.. We are running late so we make a game plan on where everyone is heading. Magee and Pink to sports, me to groceries.. We gather all our items and go to check out. The kids eyes are wide.. “Hey” they say.. “we saw a person with an ankle bracelet on”. Magee was like, “yea, I saw his shoes and was like, really? You couldn’t tie your shoes? Then I noticed it looked like he had one black sock and one white sock. Then when I looked closer it was a ankle bracelet. I told Pink, let’s find Mom”. I laughed and said “welcome to the real world”. Now our checker is a chatty dude. He looks to be all of 18. He tells me that he is heading to Florida, needs a little more excitement in his life. I just smiled and agreed.. Then he takes notice of the kids. He says “well well.. are these two kids still in school?”. I laughed and said “You tell me. How old do you think they are?”. Now the kids are in the spotlight and they are silently dying inside. He looks towards Pink and says “I would say a freshman in college and a senior in HS”. Pink’s mouth fell open a bit and Magee just raised his eyebrows. I said, “EHHHHHH.. wrong..She is in 8th grade and he is in 10th”. Blew the poor kids train of thought.. hahaha. Last we had to go get some gas.. Magee is cleaning the window and I am eating my sandwich before we get on the road. Pink starts busting up laughing. I asked her what was so funny. She is is scrambling for her phone. She says “check the guy out by the vacuums”.. I looked up.. There is this dude with long hair and a long beard taking the vacuum hose and sucking in his beard and then sucking in his hair..repeatedly.. By the time we got Magee’s attention he must have ran out of quarters and was putting his styling product away…I was never so happy to get home to A) Darkness, B) peace and quite and C) NO PEOPLE… The things that happen in Rapid..hopefully stays in Rapid.. lol

Camping 2017.. in the books

Most camping trips start out with lists.. we started out with one and then it went to hell crunched up into a ball the night before we left..Blah..who needs a list..right? The night had come that we ALL had been waiting for..VACATION.. time away from passwords, reports, working in general and most of all PEOPLE..I think that Sydney was even antsy for vacation to begin..The Stauff hauled in the camper from the ranch and we hauled in all our gear that we would need for our trek away. The night before The Stauff decides to check the battery to make sure it works.. We flick on the lights and no juice..tinker here and tinker there and still no juice.. The Stauff’s temper flares.. “We are not going on vacation..we are all working tomorrow”. I roll my eyes and kids find a safe place.. I grab my flashlight and go to following cords.. I think to myself..”seriously..it can’t be that hard”.. The Stauff sees me and comes and joins. More tinkering here and there and WAHLAH..lights turn on.. WHEW I sigh..One battle won.. The next AM we are all getting ready to go. I have to take my Jeep along as well as on the way home I have to hook a left onto the interstate and drive 3 hours for a work meeting the next day..(Keep this in mind..It becomes pivotable later in the story) So away we go..the boys in the pickup/camper and the girls/dog in the Jeep. Destination would be in about 4+ hours..We stop in Casper to get groceries and supplies..an hour later and checkbook depleted we leave. We stop along the way so Wyatt can fish a little and then locked in to the destination..Hog Park.. We get to Encampment and drop my Jeep off at my buddies house and we jump in with the boys, since we can only have one vehicle at our campsite. We unload the supplies into the Camper from the Jeep. The GPS says about 20 miles from here, but it is saying it will take an hour to get there.. Chad gives me a “Are you F’ing kidding me look”. I shrug my shoulders and say, “Seriously, come on, we are on vacation.. who cares”. Away we go, Lola our GPS showing us the way. We turn off the highway and start the climb into the mountains. We are instantly met with serious wash board roads.. We slow to a snails pace. Chad looks at me and says, “AH..I get why it will take us a damn hour to get there”. I take a deep sigh and think to myself, Lord, just get us there.. After about an hour we get up to about 8500 ft..Lola says “You have arrived at your destination”.. The only problem was there was nothing but trees and a road..no sign for Hog Park anywhere.. I started praying for anything.. a chipmunk. moose, bear, sunlight.. anything to point us in the way.. I say “well let’s turn around and go back down that other road where the sign showed the other campground was”.. Chad shot me look and found a spot to jockey the pickup and trailer around and we shot back down the road that said “Lakeview Campground”. We go about 3 miles and BOOM, there is the sign.. Hog Park Campground.. ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA why in thee same hell they would call the same campground 2 different names..Typical Government. We shoot in and go hunt our camp site down. We are site 46 right next to the lake.. We duck and weave our way and finally find our spot.. right next to the lake.. AHH Relaxation..I hadn’t even opened my door yet and this little pickup comes flying up beside us. “HI there” he shouts out, “I am the Camp host, you must be the Stauff’s”. I smile “Yep, that would be us”. He hollars from his pickup again, “Do you guys have water?” The Stauff says “No, we have some cans that we can haul it in with”. The Camp host says, “Come up to my trailer, I have a hose, you can fill up there”. Luckily we weren’t unhooked from the camper yet, so away we go.. The Stauff and I are filling up the Camper as the host is giving us the low down on the rules of the campground and such. He pauses and says “Do deer growl?”. I glanced up waiting for the punch line. I looked over at The Stauff who is smiling back at him and I knew he was waiting on the same.. a few awkward moments and finally The Stauff says, “Uh No, Deer don’t growl.. Why?”. The Host says “Hmm, I didn’t think they did, but I had something growling outside my camper last night.. I think to myself, “What in thee Sam Hell did I get ourselves into”. We finished up with the water and head back to our site.. I looked at The Stauff.. “WTF..growls by his camper???”. The Stauff just smiles and says, “I am pretty sure he was joking”. Needless to say I filled the kids on it just to be safe. We get back to the camper and the kids set off to the lake to fish and The Stauff and I start the process of setting up camp. The Stauff turns on the water pump to get the water primed and gets busy hooking everything up.. I am busy putting groceries away, sweeping and thoroughly enjoying our new home. The Stauff comes in and turns the water on. The faucet looks like a little boy peeing. I closed my eyes and said a few quick prayers.. The Stauff says, “Hmm that is weird. It doesn’t act like it is working. I will give it a few more minutes”. I get quite and I feel The Stauff’s temper is starting to shine..like the SHINING. After a bit our worse fear is true.. The water pump is shot.. The Stauff blows up. I tell him that it is no big deal. So the water doesn’t come from the faucet. Who gives a shit. The Stauff slams down to the couch and looks at me, “Well I don’t know about YOU, but I will need a shower in 5 days”. I bit my cheek and nicely said “Well..maybe you should just go jump in the lake”. He jumps up not seeing my humor and says “Well let’s turn the fridge on and see if that sum bitch works”. Then he calmed down a bit and went and laid down. I glanced over at the fridge and the light was blinking. there was a little sentence by the blinking light that said.”If blinking check propane”. I dropped my head, for the love of.. In two seconds I convinced myself I would not be the one to bring that one up to The Stauff. I was just hoping I wasn’t around when he did see it. But.. not such luck. The Bear..er I mean The Stauff gets up and checks the fridge and sees the blinking light. He growls, “Are you F’ing kidding me. What does this mean?”. I couldn’t resist, “Um I am not trying to be a smart ass, but it does say that if it is blinking to check the propane.” and I continued on doing what I was doing. The Stauff blows up again, “That’s it, we are done. We are packing it up and leaving tonight”. I spun around and looked at him “OMG…Are you shitting me?”. He stomps out to go check the propane. The blinking light goes off and the Fridge starts to HUM.. I smiled at him and said “Wow, don’t know what you did, but you made the fridge work!”. He growled, “I didn’t do anything”. I shrugged, “Well that must have worked”. The kids were out fishing and catching a ton of fish.. completely oblivious to the melt down that was going on in the camper..thankfully. We get supper, brush our teeth and head to bed. I prayed for a better day.. About 3 AM God showed me what the next was going to be like with a kick ass, heart stomping, blinding thunderstorm.. I was waiting for it to hail and pummel the pickup, but we were spared that. The next morning the temp is 43 degrees. The Stauff is looking for his new coffee pot he bought for the trip. He looks over at me and says, “Did you see that new coffee pot I got yesterday when you were unpacking. I closed my eyes..shitola..I didn’t see anything. I wimpered a little, “um, no actually I didn’t see anything”. THEN it hits him.. It was left in the Jeep an hour away..So.. no coffee for The Stauff, just the way he wanted to start off the day. I say “well we were going to go to the other mountains today anyway, we can stop and pick it up”. He grabs his ball cap and heads out the door. Ugh I thought.. I wish my broom worked..I would fly to get it. We packed up the cooler and thundered our way out.. fished all day and stopped by the Jeep to pick up the coffee pot.. We get back to our camper and I start making supper. The Stauff gathers up some wood for a fire after supper. Supper gets over and the fire is roaring.. Peace has settled into The Stauff family.. It wasn’t long after this peace found us that we heard a ear pearcing alarm going off. The Stauff looks at me “Do you hear that noise?”. I say, ” Yea, I wonder what the hell that is?”. The kids joke that it is a siren that we have to evacuate..The high pitched alarm keeps going off. I look at The Stauff and say, “You don’t suppose it is coming from our trailer?”. I get up and walk to the camper.. SURE ENOUGH.. There is an alarm going off in the camper. I looked at The Stauff who was just as bewildered as me. “WTF is that?” I said. He says “Must be something to do with the battery”. So he unhooks the battery and sure enough, the alarm quits. The Stauff says well I guess we don’t have electricity either.. I closed my eyes and let out a huge sigh.. I said “well what the hell.. it is bed time anyway. Don’t need lights to sleep”. We get up the next day and The Stauff says “let’s take that battery with us and we can charge it somewhere”. Great idea.. So we set out for adventure.. We stumble across some old Tie Hack cabins, a copper mine and prospector’s cabin. Some more cool old cabins. Took in the history of the area. Jay and I were in love. The boys were equally in love fishing the rivers around us. We found another road that led to Encampment. I tell The Stauff, “Oh, let’s try this road maybe it won’t be as rough and it is about the same mileage to town?”. What did i know? We head down this trek that turned into a nail biter road for those weak in the knees with heights. Straight drop off’s. Wyatt says at one point “oh look, there is a river down there”. I laughed and said “uh yea, it is really probably about a 1/4 mile wide, it just looks that little from way up here”. I about had a nervous break down.. The boys thoroughly enjoyed it. We managed to get a little charge in the battery and that night when we got home we hooked it back up. Lights!! WHOOP WHOOP. We go to bed… About 3 AM the alarm goes off.. The battery is dead…again.. I put my hands over the alarm and The Stauff jumps out of bed to disconnect the battery again..By this time, us girls are itching for a shower..The Camp host comes by one morning to check on us and says, “Ya should check out the natural springs, they have free showers and everything there”. Light bulbs shot on with Jay and I. When the Camp host left we pitched our idea to the boys, “let’s go to the Springs and then we can take showers”. The boys scoffed. The Stauff says, “I am really not that bad and BESIDES.. I am not taking a shower in front of everyone there.. They don’t have individual showers”. Dammit..the hot springs would have felt pretty nice at that point, sulfur or not. Luckily for us, he also knew that my buddy was gracious enough to come to her house and open it up for us to shower the next day and visit. So we waited till the next day to get our shower.. it all worked..The last day comes and Wyatt gets up at the crack of dawn to go fish his honey hole till we leave. He grabs his pole and I think to myself as he is walking away, “We should make a departure plan”. but I curled up and fell back to sleep. Later on we start packing up our life for the week. Jay was fishing and The Stauff and I were just lounging packing. Since we were never able to use our water in the tanks The Stauff says, “let’s drive over by the boat dock and let the water drain out for a bit”.  That we did. Jay and I get our camera’s out snapping the last few pictures of the lake and the surroundings.. still no Wyatt. The Stauff says, “You know he isn’t going to come to the camper right? He is going to lose track of time and he will still be there in his honey hole fishing”. I knew he was right. That kid has a fishing brain that thinks of nothing else, but fishing. We decide to go pick him up. Now to get to the honey hole you can either hike around the campground, which is what Wyatt did, or you could drive all the way around it, which we did. We go trucking down the road and The Stauff says, “I am just going to park alongside the road and walk in to get him”. It was about a 1/4 mile walk. The dog goes with him. Pretty soon The Stauff is walking back with no Wyatt. My stomach started to churn. The Stauff jumps in the pickup and says “He isn’t there. Maybe he is on the other side of the damn? Let’s drive in there and I will hike up the dam and see”. We do.. we drive in and Jay and I watch as The Stauff slowly becomes a little blue spot on top of the dam. I can see him looking all around..no Wyatt. I felt like I was going to throw up. Pretty soon The Stauff shows back up.. He is getting nervous. He jockeys the trailer around and we fly back up to the campground.  I told The Stauff, “Maybe he really is being responsible and he is waiting for us back where the camper was?” We maneuver around a corner and there he is packing his fishing pole and waders with a big grin on his face. Chad looks at me “Look at him grinning.. No worries in the world.. Geezus”. Wyatt opens the door and smiles, “Man I was kinda feeling like that kid on Home Alone”. He giggled. I told him to jump in the pickup and he realized that we were more than worried about him. I told him we aren’t mad, we were just really really scared something had happened. He says “oh ok, look at this picture I took this morning”. It was a track that looked like a wolf that took up half of wyatt’s foot sitting next to it.. I gulped. “Geezus”..and we went home..Me to my work and The Stauff, kids and dog back home. The trials and tribulations of camp life.. The next time we will do a more thorough check on items before we leave.. A list.. yea a list would be a good idea..TO FOLLOW.