Throw back..snakey day..

Since I am sick I was thinking about other days of craziness and I remembered this post..Up at 6:30 on a Sunday? I am sure most of you are in shock and amazement..but, let me tell you why..after my nieces wedding last night and home late..I had every intention of sleeping in..the dog came into our room this morning pacing around. I thought..oh she wants out..I get up, let her out and she blows up barking..I think to myself..stupid dog..she is barking at the air. I get a drink of water, holler for her to get back in and we go back to bed. She is still antsy in our bedroom.. Then all of the sudden she barks..eyes fully opened now, I roll over and say ‘you sum bitch shut up’..she repeats..I look at her and she isn’t barking out the window she is barking at me.. I ponder why would she be barking at me? I rolled over to look at the side of the bed..sure enough..I find what the fuss is about.. My heart stopped.. My eyes kept focusing and re focusing..I grabbed chad’s arm and said ‘Chad, there is a bull snake that just slithered under our bed’.. Chad kept on sleeping..I raised my voice and repeated.. He awoke and was like, ‘are you sure it was a bull snake?’ I told him I was pretty sure..the dog leapt up onto the bed with us. We just sat there for a few minutes processing..Chad gets off the bed to grab a flashlight..he looks under the bed..nothing.. He looks at me.. “You sure you were awake?” I just looked at him.. “Yes, there is a snake under the bed”.. Chad said “did that damn Jake bring him in?” I looked at Chad and said “unfortunately Jake has been outside all night”.. So Chad gets some gloves on and I get shoes on. I am to watch my side in case it slithered out..I have picture prints under our bed.. He starts pulling them out one by one..nothing.. We look at each other.. “Let’s tear the bed apart”.. We tear the bed apart..nothing..except for the hole in the floor that we put in to bring our tv wires upstairs..I looked at Chad and made a cussing remark.. Chad says “well mark last night as the last night the kids will ever sleep downstairs, and I can’t really blame them”. We let Sydney in to sniff around the bed frame.the only thing left is a roll of Christmas paper..Chad goes to pick it up and it is laying right underneath it. The dog jumps, I shriek and Chad repeats my cussing. He says “get the door” so away we all go out into the driveway shovel in hand with a roll of Christmas wrapping paper. Chad kicks him off the paper and kills it.. We come back to a room that is tore apart..Chad looks at me and says “I guess today we try to figure out where he got in”.. I am thinking the bed looks fine there..right here in my living room.. So..the hound finally paid her dues and Jake wasn’t involved..although the next time she barks inside I will probably pee my pants if not something more..

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