Bring your pet to town day????

Trip to rapid was ummmm…interesting..we roll into town and see a naked dude in the cat tails behind ‘country kids’ make a loop to verify such findings..thankfully he had a coat on by the time we came back around..we go to Cabellas.. some guy has a big ass Doberman that he is shopping with.. we all were like wow.. then walk to the other side of the store, there is a German Shorthair walking around with their owner.. again we are like wow.. off to Scheels..a girl is packing around the cutest 8 week old silver lab..for sale she says.. I relented..but it was cute.. and then boom here is the Doberman dude again.. I look at jay..that is crazy..boys and girls split up.. jay an I just started strolling down all the stores. We end up in Micheals.the good ole craft store.. we are in line waiting to be checked out. I glance around at people and this dude catches my eye.. I was trying to figure out what he had wrapped around his neck. It looked like a black rope..about then the ‘rope’ slithered over his shoulder.. I looked at jay and said “that guy over there has a live snake wrapped around his neck”. Her mouth fell open and fumbled for her phone to capture the moment.. then I looked at the chick beside him. She had a damn lizard on her chest..WTH is up with that shit?? I looked at jay and said “I almost kind feel bad we missed bring your pet to town day, poor Sydney” 🐶🐍🦎🤔🤔

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