Just to be home..

Oh to be home… what started off as a fun trip home.. sucked..stay put…I had myself all worked up about the hwy north..I usually worry more about the other yahoos on the road..so we can take a dirt road all the way home..I told the kids let’s take that road home..away we go..snowing right along..we get to the end of that road jump across the highway to the other dirt road.. it is dark now..away we go..I am going about 30 -35 mph..I drive down into a draw, come up the top and there is an auto gate on top, I try to turn and I just slid right into the auto gate..busted my rear fender off..wyatt jumps out and gathers the pieces and we throw them in the back.. I say some choice words and away we go..I put it back into 4×4..away we go all a little freaked out from the accident and then I look around.. I say “where in the hell are we?” The kids are quiet.. again choice words fly from my mouth.. start back tracking..find the road we should have turned on..away we go..we start to go around a hill..snow flies up over the hood and covers the window..can’t see a thing..I reluctantly slow and I can feel the jeep sink..more profound words come out..I opened my door to survey my situation..I pushed snow when I open the door.. wyatt and I start digging..then I told him to get in..this is a jeep right? 4 low, 1,2,3.. boom we are out..continue on..now before anyone asks “why the hell did you go?” I will say this to my defense.. “I have NO ever mother loving idea”…when we hit the ranch auto gate I told the kids “holy shit, when I get home I am going to have a drink”. Wyatt says “when I get home, I am going to help unload the jeep, start a fire downstairs and have some whiskey”. Jay says “I wonder what crown and hot cocoa tastes like?” I glanced at her, “I would assume like shit..but at this stage of the game what the hell give it a whirl”… O M G.. WTH??? Home safe and sound and my guardian angel is ordering shots..😳😳😇🤔

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