Back to town..

There has been a slow burn in all of our bellies this afternoon…we were are dreading the trip back to town for the week.. ah it was so nice to be home for a few it was not a shock when there was a lot of silence on the drive.. the clouds and light were the coolest colors. I stopped a few times so the ‘photographer’ of the family could snap a few shots. By the time we got to the highway it was the shitty time of day.. not really dark, but not really light..just shitty driving light..eyes were peeled for deer and whacko drivers. About half way to town we come upon a car going about 50 miles an hour..Suddenly they pulled off the road… Jay says “well they are obviously running drugs”…we all agreed and went on down the road..pretty soon we come across a car with it’s flashers on on the side of the road. I slow down and get in the other lane to pass..Jay says “wow, another drug deal”..we giggle and go on down the road.. about a half mile down the road I am driving along and all of a sudden a human appears along the side of the road walking down the highway. I about shit myself. I stared down the road and said, “that sum bitch is walking down the highway obviously to town. I have no clue how we did not hit him. Geezus H..that scared the shit out of me”.. Jay was like “you?? I looked up and all I saw was a face”.. we kept on going and when we got cell service I called dispatch and told them of the hiker and they said they would send a deputy out.. whew..holy cow.. now that is a way to get the heart going for the week.. Chad would have taken my license for sure..fender one weekend and a person the next.. omg..😳😳😳😲😲


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