3:44 AM.. wake up call..

This AM at 3:44 AM I awoke from a deep 😴 sleep.. I was sleeping away, deeply.. when something brought me out of it. Now to understand you have to understand the scene. I was sleeping with half covers, facing the wall. I kinda woke up, still had eyes closed and was trying to figure out what had awoke me. As I was laying there it happened again..something sharp poked me on my leg..my eyelids were still shut, but eyes and mind were at full attention. Fear filled my gut.. WTF was that?? Kids are in bed..if it was them I was going to beat them..so I continued to lay there..again two pokes on my leg..I was planning on how I was going to handle this.. is there someone there, ghost, demon or human?? If it was a human I decided I was going to take out 40 years of aggression on them and beat the living hell out of them..And where is the dog? Geezus..and as if on cue.. the frickin dog let’s out a long growl..perfect I thought..this will be awesome news to hit town..keep up n mind th s all transpired in about 2 minutes..I figure it is either do or die.. I opened my eye to see what laid in front of me.. the street light filtered in through my room.. I see four legs sticking up in the air.. Sydney was laying flat on her back right next to me..then she bent her legs like she was running..two more pokes on my legs.. then a little whimper.. Sydney was dreaming….when she would ‘run’ in her sleep her nails would poke my leg.. complete relief flooded my body..geezus.. I slapped her ass and said “dog..find another place to sleep”. She stretched out as far as she could, rolled over and continued to snore..now.. I will tell you.. it was STILL hard to get back to sleep..it could be a long Friday…😴🙄🐶

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