Throwback.. don’t mess with mama..

Throwback to 2013. A night at the Stauffers..Sydney took me for a walk tonight and the kids trailed in behind us. Jaden started complaining about half way thru. I told her if she were going to complain we would go home. Needless to say we hooked a left and came home. Her mood didn’t change much after we got home. Grandma got the kids a over the door bball hoop for Easter. Super momma I am, I had assembled this thing and hung it on my bedroom door before our walk. Once home we had a quick supper, jay showered and then ordered Wyatt to play a game of hoops. I sat and watched this start as a fun game of tossin the ball, then Sydney joined in and things started to get a little wild. I told them that whatever they messed up they would pick up. Then the blankets all started coming off the bed..super momma got grumpy and promptly ended the bball game and ordered Wyatt and Jay to make my bed. Oh but Jay thought it was soo funny. Wyatt was breakin a sweat as he didn’t want trouble. Needless to say Wyatt abandoned the cause and apologized profusely. Jay started in on me. I grabbed my phone and started the voice recorder. She proceeded to lay it all out, Wyatt cringed as he foresaw bad mojo coming. I sat quietly while she went off for 2.52 seconds. Wyatt finally broke and ran to my room and started throwing blankets and pillows to reassemble the bed without Jay. Jay had an upside down smile and was glaring me down. I told her she had lost all electrical devices over Easter. She fell into tears and said she wanted to plead her case to the highest court(dad). I pushed play on the recorder and said sure, cause the defendant has it all recorded sunshine. Ahh words and tones she wouldn’t dare whisper to daddio. Her mouth fell open and was speechless. Wyatts eyes got big and started laughing, gut laughing. He asked me if I recorded the whole thing and what I was going to do with it. I said I recorded the majority and daddio would listen when we got home. Jay cries “my life is over!” Wyatt laughs and says “oh my gosh I have been waiting for this day since the day she was born, this will be great”. Ahh siblings and a black mailing mother..all in a days work… Lol Wyatt is still replaying the rant..

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