Just for CJ..The night the raccoon star was born..

CJ had asked for this story.. I finally found it.. and was so funny I decided to post.. I forgot all about the tostito chips..A night at the ranch..1:30 am..the dog lights up barking..I hear something on the deck. I open the door and there are two coons sitting on the deck. I had left a garbage sack on the deck, they had tore a hole in it and had found the tostito chips.they were too close to the door to shoot, I didn’t want to shoot at the house, so I sat there with lights on banging on the door to shoo them away far enough to shoot. No luck..they sat there, would reach in, grab a chip and eat it while watching me.finally resort to get Wyatt up to help. Wyatt is helping locate ammo.. He grabs The 30 gauge…I look at him and explain that might be a little much..243..ehh still too much, I don’t want a hole in the deck..besides how do I explain that to chad..I finally tell him to grab jays pink 22. He looks at me and says that only has one shell. I look at him and ask if he expects me to miss..I open the door blast away and that raccoon did thee best fake death roll I have ever seen.. With his one little paw his grabs his chest and the other little paw is flung into the air. He keels over the edge of the deck. I look at Wyatt in half disbelief. Wyatt looks at me “I can’t believe you hit him”. I scoffed at him “Really? Really?? you thought I woud MISS??hahahaa.. silly boy”. I actually thought I hit him…but, obviously scared the shit out of him, he came back later..he must have been sneaker this time tho cause we didn’t hear him shred the rest of the garbage on the deck..Much to my disbelief he lived another day..I am sure he is up for an academy award..damn things..next time I will just use the 410 and clean everything up the next am..blah 👀🙈🙉🙊

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