Word..word.. word..

Here is a short one liner… Jay is telling Wyatt and I her day.. She says “OH! Did you πŸ‘‚ hear so and so’s Family is in intentional care?”. Wyatt and I look at her.. I say, “I didn’t hear that, but that is too bad.. but In the real world it is called intensive care, not intentional care”. She looks at me and says, “but I feel bad for them”. I look at her and say, “agreed, that is scary..when it is intensive care..not intentional”. She takes a long drink of water, “well, really, same thing”. Wyatt looks at her and says “jay no one intends to go to the hospital.. like they aren’t intentionaly doing it.. sooooo”.. I fell over laughing… my English major was grinning.. wahoo Wyatt got the meaning of words..now Jay on the other hand, in jaydar world..it’s all good..πŸ™ŠπŸ˜‚

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