A dogs life. How the Sydney became a Stauffer..

So this crazy ‘human’ dog came into our life about 4 years ago..2 days before Martin Luther King Day..so many people ask where did you get this dog?? So here is the story of how fate threw us together..we had a black lab named Sadie. She was the best dog ever, took a rattlesnake bite for the kids keeping them safe, never barked unless there was seriously something wrong, would ‘never’ think of jumping on our bed or sleeping on the couch..her dog pillow was just perfect. She raised the kids and was the dog that should have been cloned.. She started to get a cough that wouldn’t go away..the day before Thanksgiving we took her to the vet in an emergency visit..scans were done and lung cancer was found. The vet said she didn’t have a lot of time left, feed her well and love her the best for the few weeks she had left. So we did and it was just a few weeks before Christmas that she passed away..we were all heart broken.. I couldn’t handle not having a dog around..so I started trolling the internet looking for a ๐Ÿถ puppy. I found a coonhound/lab mix that we fell in love with on Craigslist in Cheyenne.. after going back and forth it ended up being a scam..we were bummed and I cussed the losers that posted it.. so not learning my lesson..I go back to Craigslist..I made my circle a little wider..I was looking for a hound..preferably a blue tick..I was clicking through the pictures and wahlah..here is a picture of the cutest puppy ever..a light gray and baby blue eyes.. I read the description, 8 baby Weimaraner puppies for sale. Need to go to good home..I fell in love..I had never been around a Weim..but their puppies were sure cute! I hollered at the kids “come look at these puppies” the kids fell in love too..there were pictures of all 8 puppies, with all different color collars. The owners named them by the color of their color and numbered each one as they were born. I show The Stauff and he just looked at me..”don’t you think it is too soon?” I shot him a look and said “I need a puppy”.  The Stauff asked how much they were, I told him that the price wasn’t listed, just a phone number. He said that I should call and find out how much.. I grabbed the phone and called.. this guy answers the phone and I tell him that I was calling about the puppies he had. He told me all about them. Then I asked how much he was asking and he said “$800.00”.  I about tipped over.. I thanked him and said that we probably couldn’t do that and hung up.. I told the kids well we wouldn’t be getting the puppy as it was too expensive.. we all moved on..about 2 hours after I had talked to the guy he calls me back. “Hey!” He says, “this is the guy that has the Weim puppies for sale, we had talked earlier?” I was like, what in the hell.. “uh huh” I say.. he goes on, “I just wanted to double check with you and see if you were sure you didn’t want one? I have a guy coming to get the last two”. I said “um, yea, I really appreciate the phone call but we really can’t afford that.besides we are just looking for a good dog for our kids”. Then I proceeded to tell him about our Sadie and what had happened to her etc. He says “well my wife and I are not looking to make money in these puppies. We put a high price on them so people who need dogs to train fight dogs wouldn’t bother..we have had a lot of people call and ask about the parents muscle structure and such and those people are up to no good. How about $600.00?”. I told him thanks but no thanks..couldn’t believe people could do such things to animals and hung up.. we eat supper and are watching tv and the phone rings. It is the same guy.. he says, “please don’t think I am weird..but the guy showed up to get the puppies, pink and purple, and I had a weird feel about the guy and I didn’t sell them.. my wife and I talked it over and we really feel one of these puppies needs to be yours. We feel that the puppy will be well taken care of and will be happy, so how about $200.00 and I will meet you half way with it?” Now this guy said he lived in Omaha..I visited with him and was like “well…um…OK!. We will take it”…We make arrangements to meet on Monday MLK day for the exchange. I run upstairs and tell the rest of the family, “WE ARE GETTING A PUPPY!!” The kids got all excited and The Stauff’s mouth fell open..I tell them all about our plan and what a ‘hell of a deal” we got..The Stauff still has his mouth hanging open.. the next day comes and the guy calls again.. “hey, I can’t meet on Monday, but I can meet today? Will that work? I can leave in about 30 mins and just start driving, we can keep in touch on the road?” I, full of excitement say, “well sure thing, let me grab my stuff and I will head out as well. I figure it would be about 6 hours”. I hung up the phone and announced to the family that plans had changed and I would be heading out directly.. I grabbed a blanket, my phone and checkbook. Smiled at everyone had headed out the door. The Stauff’s mouth still hanging open..about 2 hours into my drive, The Stauff calls..”hi there, where are you at?”. I said “um, about 40 miles from Bridgeport I think?”. He says, “I have a question for you, do you know what this guy looks like? Do you know anything about him other than you found a puppy on Craigslist and he really wants us to have this dog?” Things kinda sunk in.. I say, “um..no..I don’t.” He says, “really? You have no idea? Do you think this is safe?”. I just laughed, “yes Stauff, it is fine”.. I lost service and started to get a odd feeling in my stomach..holy shit I thought, what if this is a scam?? What if he is going to kidnap me? Kill me?? When I got service I started to google his name..I got too much stuff on his name.court appearances..owners of companies..hmm..I wonder which one it is.. about this time I get a phone call from the guy. He says I am about 2 hours from north plate”. I told him I was about to Sydney..he said “well we will be in north platte about the same time, see you then”. I think to myself..hmm he doesn’t sound like a killer? But then I thought, hmm I don’t think I ever talked to a killer before..awesome..The Stauff calls..”where you at now?”. I say “about to Sydney I think. The guy called and said we should be about two hours away”. The Stauff just sat on the phone, “you think this is crazy yet?”. I really wanted to turn around and go home at this point..but my stubbornness won. “No” I said, “it will be ๐Ÿ‘Œ ok, I mean it is kinda crazy that I am meeting some random stranger for a puppy, but it will be ok”. I continued on the two hours and rolled into North Platte about 7:00 pm..I called the guy to let him know we had arrived.. he says “perfect, find a spot with no people around”. I said “ok, sure.there is a park right across from a gas station on the interstate, I will be there”. He says “perfect, I will be there in about ten mins”.  I hashed a plan in my head that I would take a picture of his pickup and license plates with my phone and throw my phone in the back of the ๐Ÿš™ Jeep..at least the crime scene investigators would have something to go on..I see this old pickup fly into the parking lot..the passenger door flies open and out jumps a giant dog and two little puppies. Relief flooded me, at least the puppies were real..I snap the picture and throw the phone to the back.  I get out and visit with guy..the father of the puppies was with him..this dog was HUGE?. I had never been around a dog that big.. I said, “oh wow, they get that big?” He said “no, they wouldn’t as they were females”. Whew I thought. “He says “well get on the ground and play with them, see which one you like the best”. Wtf? I thought, really? So I abliged..”here puppy” then I got the story.. purple was one of the first born, so she will be more on an alpha..pink was born later so she will be somewhat easier..I was like “oh uh huh..hmm ok” I had not a frickin clue what he was talking about. So I got serious, hmm well we call Jay pink, so I take that as a sign.. I told him “I think Pink is the one” so we signed papers and I gave him the $200.00 and he gave me a puppy and papers. He said, “I would like to stay and visit but my wife is kinda pissed at me, so I need to get back”. And just as quick as he came, he left, with purple and their Dad in tow..I looked down at pink and fell in love.. away we went back our 6 hours..I stopped at Sydney and got her a dog bed to sleep ๐Ÿ˜ด in the rest of the way home. I decided Sydney was a good name for her..I got home very very late.. I was too tired to do anything.. I brought her in in her pillow and I fell into my bed. She started to whimper so I picked her up and threw her in bed with me..and she never left..little did I know..she would take over the house and all our hearts.. I cuss her daily, but don’t know what we would do without her.

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