Finally.. a pop named after my kids…

Jay and I ran to Casper yesterday after track.. on our way home Jay says, “do we need ⛽️ gas or something?”. I said “yessum, I thought about stopping at hat six to get gas and something to eat”. She says, “oh good, I am starving!”. I agreed. We got all of running done and headed for gas.. we go in and grab some food and something to drink.. she can’t decide what she wants to drink.. she finally settles on Stubborn.. I laughed, “very fitting”.. we blaze a trail 🏡 home.. Jay drinks about half of her Stubborn.. we are about 10 miles from the town house.. She picks up her bottle, which keep in mind does not have a screw lid is a metal pull eyeball glanced down at her picking up her bottle.. she always puts the metal cap back on them.. she picks the bottle up, puts her thumb over the cap and continued to turn it upside down.. I scream “what are you doing?”. Pop pours out around the half ass lid all over the seat..she jumps and screams back “what?”. I look at her, “what? What? Wtf are you doing?? You just dumped pop all over the seat?”. She just looks at the mess and busts up 😂 laughing, “I don’t know why I did that”. I look at her bewildered “ moron..clean it up..when we get home you will need to get a wet rag and clean it up”. She dabs it with a napkin and then finger tests it to see if it is really sticky.. “trust me, no need to test will clean it”, I say.. we looked at each other and busted up laughing.. so we got home and sure enough she spot cleaned with water.. I am sure there are a few sticky areas left… gotta love Stubborn..

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