A Throwback to a Yeti Day..

It is that famous time of year when we do State Testing across the beautiful state of Wyoming. Being Admin and stationed at the office I am one of a few who gets a straw to drive across the state. I love to drive..throw in my XM radio, which is cranked up way past what my kids allow. Usually my trips are..umm..rather interesting….nothing huge this time, so I am adding in a trip I took a couple years ago across the Bighorn Mountain range.. Before I tell that story, I will say, I saw something tonight that kinda blew a little life back into my soul.. maybe more of a hope for human kind.. My phone charger (#5474980393093 that I have owned..joking..but you feel my pain with the cheap SOB’s) broke yesterday, so I have no way to charge my phone..I went to Walmart tonight to buy yet another one of them. I am in line to check out and the cutest little boy is there with his Dad checking out. There is another couple in front of me.. This little guy is having the best conversation with “Kathy” the checkout lady.. He tells her goodbye and “Kathy” tells him goodbye and that she will see him next time.. I thought to myself, “Aww, so cute”.  The couple in front of me says after the little kiddo left, “Is that your grandson?”. Kathy says, “no, he isn’t.. I met him a awhile ago at Walmart. He must really like me as he always tracks me down when him and his Dad come to the store and he visits with me”.  The couple ask “Do you have grandkids?”. Kathy says, “Oh yes, I have 6 grandkids”. The couple says, “Well that little guy must know that you must be a great Grandma to be around”. Kathy just laughed and said, “I am not sure about that, but he sure is my buddy”.  So the couple leave and I am checking out.. the little guy and his Dad come back. I hear the Dad tell him to wait cause Kathy is working. Kathy and I both glance up. This little guy is holding a card with the name Kathy scribbled on the front. She told him, “hold on, I am with a customer and then I will come over ok”. Now this kid is about 4 and he just sits there with excitement oozing from his grin. She gets done checking me out and walks over to the kiddo.. He gives her this card and tells her it is thanks for being such a great friend.. she kneeled down and asked him for a hug.. the little guy ran to her  engulfed into her arms..I had to pull myself together a little.. It has been awhile since I saw such kindness.. I walked to the Jeep and sat there thinking about that little guy and watched them walk out of the store.. He had a smile a mile long and threw a smile to the sky all the way to their car.. That kid is meant for great things.. NOW..on to the Yeti..

The yeti story..so a few miles out of tensleep there is construction..flaggers..I pulled up yesterday just as my line was leaving.damn my luck I thought..the flagger wasn’t sure what side of the jeep to walk up to.he hee hawed in front of the jeep like he was starting the cotton eyed Joe..I rolled Down the passenger window..he strolled up the window with a straggly pony tail braid flipping in the wind..he says..nice jeep..I like it..how much does this run a month? Let me guess. Over $600.00. I laughed at him, oh no, about $400.00.. He says, “oh Hell, that ain’t bad, what did you trade in?” I said, “a Silverado”, he says “oh that is why your payments are so low, Chevy tough and they keep there value”, I laughed “well it wasn’t Chevy tough anymore hence why it went down the road.” I glanced up the road needing to see the pilot car..No luck..I told myself to lead the conversation before we go through his drug history..since he was into the jeep I told him that it was the arctic edition..he pondered that and more questions came pouring out, which i happily filled in tio kill time. I ended my talk with, they call this edition the yeti edition..he stopped everything and asked me to repeat what I just said..I said it is called the yeti edition, hence the footprints on the fender and hood, the seats etc..he flashed me his two teeth and pointed to the mountains, they are up there ya know. I looked at him and said huh? He continued..”yetis live up there on those mountains”, I grinned from ear to ear, “well the Hell you say? How dui you know that?” He is a serious,”because we talk to each other” I choked down a chuckle and cleared my throat, “well no shit?? That is amazing..And how do you do this?” He says, “well ya know flagging out here it gets boring, so I just start screaming and hollering, you would be amazed what answers me from up there..” And what do you reply to that?? “Well shit, that is crazy”. Then he says, “you would be safe tho.” I said, ” well why do you say that?”. He patted my seat and said, “because you drive their jeep, you are probably like their girlfriend.haha, they would say hey look it is our girlfriend bringing us our jeep”. And just like that the pilot car shows up.he taps the side of the jeep, “well there ya go you are on your way..No stopping and playing with yetis now..I will hollar at then later..” I giggled..”No worries, I am on a mission”..I laughed all the way over the mountain.


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