So after a long week in town..all tracks meet cancelled we finally get to head home Friday night.. lots of rain made the road more interesting, sloppy and 4 wheel drive Jeep commercial for the last couple miles..but home just the same..The Stauff ran downstairs to start a roaring 🔥 fire downstairs while the kids and I unloaded the jeep. There is a high pitched noise coming from the office.. the electricity must have gone out and kicked the surge protector out.. I shut it off and I get busy with supper..keep in mind the surge protector has internet life plugged into it.. no surge protector turned on..no internet..jay wanders through the kitchen and casually says, “so…there is no internet?”. I tell her, “why, yes you are correct, the surge protector must have died”. She gets a far away look in her eyes and mumbles, “oh ok”. .. I smile and say, “well weekend with no internet, we are set”. I laughed a little too long about it. She didn’t see my humor. I get supper on the table.. Friday night 🌮 tacos.. a staple..we eat and the kids do dishes.. The Stauff looks at me and says, “kinda chilly in here isn’t it?”. I agreed.. he went to turn the furnace up as we have it set to be lower during the week. He turns it up..nothing.. he wanders to the furnace..pretty soon we hear The Stauff holler from the furnace room, “hey, I need my phone and a screw driver, could someone grab that?”. My brain spins, “what the hell is he doing with his phone?”. I decided to stay mum and watch..he grabs his phone and uses the flashlight..aha I thought, smart in his old age.. jay wandered past me looking to be in a coma state..she says, “we really wont have internet this weekend?” I glanced at her and gave her the ‘look’, “I guess it depends on how my mood develops”. Wyatt interjects, “well you know if it is just the surge protector, we do have a new ☝️ one. You could just change it out”. I looked at ‘Einstein’ and said “yes you are correct, but you would have to move the whole desk and shelving to unplug it..not sure I want to tackle that tonight”. They both hunched their shoulders and staggered to the couch..pretty soon the furnace dr comes out with an internal organ of the furnace…”no heat tonight..when the electricity went out it must have fried this piece. Will have to go to town & try to find this to fix it”. He smiled at me and said, “warm downstairs”.. I have been dreaming of my bed all week.. I say, “come on Stauff, we will just throw a couple more blankets on..it will be like ⛺️ camping”… we both laughed and glanced at both kids not looking happy.. jay is so fidgety 😬 she looks like an addict needing their cocaine fix and Wyatt is just sitting there staring at his 🎣 fishing pole. I laugh, “oh me, really?? We are both moping cause there is no internet?”. Wyatt just sits there, but Jay starts. “Do you know what is going on tonight?”. I say, “ummmm, no I guess I don’t? What is going on?” She stares at me, “it is the NFL draft!! How am I supposed to know where all the Oklahoma Sooners are going to? Mixon??? Perine???” I laughed and was like “well, we have TV? I am sure it is on ESPN, I would go watch it on TV?” I get a tiny eye roll..”Mom.. I doubt it is on local TV”. I sat there and closed my eyes..now my sweet 13 year old tomboy knows her shit with the Sooners.. she can spit stats, who the players are, what position they play, what year of school they are in, what they are majoring in AND who is going to the draft… but she thinks ESPN is a local channel..I looked over at The Stauff and he is just smiling at me.. I get up and go reboot the surge protector and didn’t say a word. I grabbed my iPad and all the notifications started coming in.. they both perked up.. Wyatt said, “how is yours working?”.. I thought about coming up with some wild story, but honestly I was cold and just admitted that I fixed the surge protector and internet had been restored.. they both whipped out their phones like six shooters..I went and turned ESPN on in our room curled up with blankets and watched the highlights of the 2nd round draft picks.. jay joined..I think half ass amazed on this new ‘local’ channel..we finally went to bed and about 4:30 this AM The Stauff gets called in to work.. he heads out the door 🚪 to bog out the muddy path and smiles, “I will get you your furnace part on my way 🏡 home. So..no heat upstairs and the internet is spinning..oh to be home..

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