My little 289..

We have started the monster project of working on my 1966 that car.. dad bought it when I was in 8th grade..I wanted a new real horse really bad but I had already fallen in love with the 60’s Ford Mustang…Dad told me it was either a horse with four legs or four wheels…I dove for the wheels.. we ended up bringing home a 1966 Mustang Coupe, emberglo red with white vinyl top..when we came home the brakes were sketchy, but, it drove like a dream..or at least in my got tight and the Mustang sat..and sat.. and sat..30 year snuck by in a blink of an here we are looking at her wondering where to start.. Chad came into the house on Sunday and says, “hey, didn’t you say it had sketchy brakes?” I said, “yea, it was scary driving it home, why?” He laughs, “I think I figured out why…you had no brakes in the rear wheels, all you had for brakes is the front”. Yikes..and just like that a 30 year mystery..solved…how about that shit daddio ?? Our sketchy trip home..solved..bahahah..

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