Rattlesnake meets Jeep tire..

Night at the ranch..kids want to go look for porcupines tonight.. we wait for the dark and head out..I fore told the story before we left.. 1) it is still really windy..2) we will not see anything because of #1.. we head out..we see rabbits and a kitten..no pines..right below the house coming home what do our blood shot eyes see? A rattlesnake slithering across the road..I tell the kids to give me a light so I can survey the critter I am about to rip apart. Kinda big, probably 5 rattles.. Magee slides to my side of the jeep. He says “I will hold the light for you, so you can get the tire square on him”.. we jockey a bit and squish him..back up..survey..still not good enough..jay says, “come on, peel out on it”.. I get lined up again to peel out on the thing. Magee is holding a light out the passenger window so we can keep track of it. I get ready..peel out..we hear the famous ‘pop’..Magee immediately starts hollering, “AHHH..I got snake guts on my arm.. Ah Ah… bleh bleh.. I think I am going to throw up..bleh bleh..omg..I can’t believe it’s guts blew up like that.. I need a shower..omg..” jay and I are dying laughing.. πŸ˜‚..we inspect our kill.. definitely dead and we saved the rattles.. Magee is still in panic mode that he has 🐍 snake guts on him.. then he gets quite..”oh, I guess it wasn’t snake guts..I think it was just the rain”.. jay and I look at each other bust up laughing.. I glanced back and said “rain? Are you sure?”.. he said “yeah when I put my arm out I think rain drops landed on my arm at the same time as the ‘pop’ happened”. I am good..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. pine =0 .. rattlesnake (including the one the kids killed earlier this afternoon) = 2…πŸ˜†

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