A letter to me..

You have heard the song, read the stories etc, but have you ever written a letter to yourself? I have always been a sucker for journals.. blank pages with pretty covers, thought provoking quotes embedded into the pages. The feel of the paper, the smear of the ink across the page..I wrote such a thing when I graduated college..I found a cool looking 📓 journal and wrote a letter to me..I never finished writing in the pages..there are still blank pages left..but..from move to move and years passing like the pull on a lotto machine I still have it.. do I always know where it is? Absolutely not..every once in awhile it will get tucked into a drawer or a box. But I guarantee you I find it whenever I need it the most..today I was grabbing my cup of ☕️ tea when my brain yelled ‘not yet’..my arm draped over the edge of the couch and my hand dangled in the steel crate where I keep all the magazines..my fingers touched a familiar book and when I looked down there it was..my old friend..I grabbed it and re read my letter to me.. it breathes life back into my soul. There are times when I read it and wonder who wrote it, me I know, but it amazes me still the depth I knew then that I would need for the rest of my life..


Here it is, your escape from life. Instead of letting it out on everyone else, just write it down. This year will no doubt be the hardest one yet. But look at 1997 as the year of change. Take a good grip of your life. You got through college – now that is something no one can take away from you. Your Mom is right – show everyone just what a Zerbst is made of. Life is short, you will find this out, DON’T waste it. It’s going to be tough – being so far away from home won’t be easy, but you can definitely do it. All it takes is will power from hell and a hard head. Fortunately 2 things you have plenty of. You have made your parents proud. Now it’s time to make yourself proud of yourself. Believe in yourself and other people will too. Just remember 2 things. That which may not kill you will make you stronger and don’t quit 2 minutes before the miracle. Keep the faith and keep your head up -I’m here to help you, so go after this year and the rest of your life, cause it’s yours to have. Love you the most, Kristen

I encourage everyone to write a letter to you, you will never know when you will need to hear some encouraging words from you..

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