Sweet sixteen birthday definition..

Tonight we are finishing supper and jay and I are quizzing Wyatt on what he wants for his birthday coming up next week and what he would like to do. He started 2 a day football practice today and will be going hot with them on his birthday. I say, "well it is your 16th, you should do something special, ya know it is the sweet sixteen". He looks at me with a "eh" look. He said, "well, I will have practice, so we can't go anywhere and I have practice till 8:00, so probably can't have a supper or something". I said, "well, yea, but we still should do something, it is a big day, do you know what the sweet sixteen means?" He looks at me, "not really, isn't it a Jewish birthday?". I raised an eyebrow at him, "eh?". He says, "oh yea that's right it is Hanukkah". I raised both eyebrows at him.. he stammers, "oh wait that Christmas right?". I laughed and said, "sweet sixteen has nothing to do with the Jewish religion, it is just a special milestone for you." I busted up laughing. So I am 🤔 thinking The Stauff must be right, it just doesn't get to be a big deal for the boys..lol.. booooo…🎂🎂

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