One day to get away..

So the kids and I had one day to play this Labor Day Weekend.. Magee needed new Football gloves and I needed locker decoration stuff and Pink just wanted to go with us. Since the Mustang Rally was going on in Sturgis we started there, found the Mustang I have, only restored and I drooled, Magee dreamed and Pink was just sweating from the heat. So off to Rapid..We hit all the usuals.. Scheels to get Magee’s gloves and then to the mall. I ran to the bathroom while the kids got a drink. I was in the stall and I hear a little boy come thundering into the bathroom. “Mama.. Mama.. where are you? What stall are you in?” The Mom in the stall next to me says..”Raphael I am here, does it matter which stall?”. Little guy says “Mama I need you, are you in this one? nope, are you in this one? nope”. I am awaiting a little head to poke under my door at any moment..Mom says..”Raphael, what do you want, Momma is going to the bathroom. Oh wait.. Raphael do you need to come into the bathroom? Do you need to go to the bathroom?”.. silence.. Mom says, “Raphael! Are you there?”.. Silence.. Mom says, “Oh ass”… I hear hustling now in the stall next to me. I am dying laughing on the inside. I go to wash my hands and here comes Raphael bustin back into the bathroom. “Momma did you go to time out in the bathroom?” She says well do you think I need a time out?” He says, “Yes, Momma, you need a time out”.. Out of the mouths of babes.. hahah.. We finally land at Walmart.. So you can imagine the story.. We are running late so we make a game plan on where everyone is heading. Magee and Pink to sports, me to groceries.. We gather all our items and go to check out. The kids eyes are wide.. “Hey” they say.. “we saw a person with an ankle bracelet on”. Magee was like, “yea, I saw his shoes and was like, really? You couldn’t tie your shoes? Then I noticed it looked like he had one black sock and one white sock. Then when I looked closer it was a ankle bracelet. I told Pink, let’s find Mom”. I laughed and said “welcome to the real world”. Now our checker is a chatty dude. He looks to be all of 18. He tells me that he is heading to Florida, needs a little more excitement in his life. I just smiled and agreed.. Then he takes notice of the kids. He says “well well.. are these two kids still in school?”. I laughed and said “You tell me. How old do you think they are?”. Now the kids are in the spotlight and they are silently dying inside. He looks towards Pink and says “I would say a freshman in college and a senior in HS”. Pink’s mouth fell open a bit and Magee just raised his eyebrows. I said, “EHHHHHH.. wrong..She is in 8th grade and he is in 10th”. Blew the poor kids train of thought.. hahaha. Last we had to go get some gas.. Magee is cleaning the window and I am eating my sandwich before we get on the road. Pink starts busting up laughing. I asked her what was so funny. She is is scrambling for her phone. She says “check the guy out by the vacuums”.. I looked up.. There is this dude with long hair and a long beard taking the vacuum hose and sucking in his beard and then sucking in his hair..repeatedly.. By the time we got Magee’s attention he must have ran out of quarters and was putting his styling product away…I was never so happy to get home to A) Darkness, B) peace and quite and C) NO PEOPLE… The things that happen in Rapid..hopefully stays in Rapid.. lol

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