Skippety do da..skippety oh my..they came from where?

Skippy has seriously knocked this out of the park.. they are awesome!! I show them to my kids.. “try them, they are awesome”.. they look at me with cocked eyebrow..they say, ‘I am good”.. I keep on them..”you should really try them, so addicting”.. they finally try them.. “yea, pretty good”, they say. I looked at them dead in the eye.. “how ya suppose they make them?” They both shrug and echo, “I don’t know”. I said, “I do, it says right here on the side of the container”. They look at me, “really?”.. I put one in between my hands and roll it around, smoothing it down. Someone in some foreign country takes it and rolls it between their hands till it forms a ball”. Mouths dropped.. tears were forming in my eyes holding in the laughter while watching blood drain from Pinks face.. I popped another in my mouth. “Damn they are good tho.” Pink managed to mumble, “oh my God that is so disgusting”.. Magee finally tells her..”Pink Mom is just joking, that isn’t how they are made”. Oh if I could have only videoed that.. 😂🤣😂

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