Apple Pie Please,,.

Last night Pinker got a wild hair and decided to build an apple pie for us at the house and a peach pie for the office..she gets it all done and I tell her I will take the peach to work and hide the other from Sydney. Hustling and bustling this am I grab the peach pie and hide the untouched apple in the microwave.. the safe spot. I run home over lunch and fling the door open. Sydney laying on the couch looks up at me with that Weim smile and glances to the kitchen and back to me, then back to the kitchen.. my smile turned upside some demon voice I said..”you son of a bitch”..the microwave door wide open..our untouched apple pie on the floor half eaten.. Sydney now has a scared shitless look on her face. An empty sack of candies also laying next to the scene of the crime..I flip out and run after her saying, “you do this, eh? You do this? You are naughty.. so naughty”….she tucks her ass between her legs and hops around the I scooped up the apple pie and dump it into the garbage..she sat there watching me droopy eared..I looked at her, “you think I am pissed? Wait till Magee gets home” when I get home from work, I asked Magee if he knew where the apple pie was.. he said I told him the story..he gave her a look of disgust..and a cold shoulder the rest of the night..but on the plus side Magee told Pinker he prefers a cherry pie this time.. and so goes the age old where do hide the ‘goods’.. maybe the oven..she is such an 😫😳😂🙄

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